Prenatal Classes

The goal of childbirth coaching is to prepare for future childbirth and puerperium by discussing.

Good preparation for childbirth involves a comprehensive understanding of the various stages of childbirth as well as after the birth. Topics include information about the birth of the baby and the baby’s adaptation to life outside the womb, breastfeeding, interaction with a newborn as well as how to care for the baby and various challenges and joys of being a new parent.

Preparation strengthens one’s own active role as a parturient and empowered woman. It may also be that your spouse is excited about giving birth on your behalf and may have their own questions about the changes ahead. At Perhe-Arte, prenatal classes can be tailored to your individual needs, both in terms of the number of visits and the content. Some visits can be together with a partner, whilst others can be alone. The starting point is your need for preparation.

The midwife at Perhe-Arte can’t promise a specific type of delivery, but our goal in preparing you is to impart enough information so you feel prepared to meet various challenges and situations that could arise during your childbirth experience. It is important that you are aware and understand the stage of labour you are in and what options are available at the different stages and in different situations. Knowledge, skill, emotion handling and readiness to face your new bundle of joy.

Depending on the needs of each couple, our prenatal classes include, for example, 1–2 visits and the content of the class can be adjusted according to the needs of the couple. With the midwife at Perhe-Arte, you can prepare for your upcoming birth. When you are aware of your own wishes and needs, you can go to give birth with a calm mind.

We have made a frame for childbirth coaching that you can take advantage of as you consider your needs for childbirth coaching. It is also possible to combine themes under different headings according to your own individual needs. As you consider your own needs, you can get clues from the frame about what can be included in one two-hour coaching session.

1st Session, Childbirth physiology and preparation for childbirth (2 hours)

The coaching session includes the following topics:

  • Physiology of childbirth
  • Preparing for childbirth
  • Initiation of labor
  • Drug-free pain relief
  • Transfer to hospital
  • Hospital practices
  • Spouse support and means to help
  • Pushing stage
  • Aftermath
  • Babys first moments
  • Birth wish list

2nd Session, what happens after birth?

  • Nursing
  • Postpartum recovery
  • Relationship
  • Sexuality
  • Baby care

Welcome to the coaching!

1 session, 2h / 157€ + administrative fee
2 sessions, 4h / 227€ + administrative fee

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