About Us

Since 2013

Perhe-Arte was founded in Lahti in 2013 as a nurse-driven medical center, with the purpose to provide services to women, children and families. In 2015, operations expanded to Helsinki when midwife moved to where the customers were.

In the first couple of years customers had boldly crossed the Ring III border and came from the Helsinki Metropolitan Area to the midwife in Lahti. We decided to make our customers' daily lives easier and get closer to them. Over the years, our attractiveness has surprised us many times over. Our customers come to us from a wider area than we could ever think.

Over the years, operations have focused mainly on maternity clinic services, but especially in Lahti, we still offer services to other customer groups as well.

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With Warmth, Individually

Perhe-Arte was founded on a desire to work customer-oriented, with warmth and an emphasis on individuality. It is important to us that every customer feels they have been genuinely encountered for. Feelings of each family are unique and everyone's worldview is different.

There isn't one right way to do anything. And this applies to pregnancy and Parenthood as well. Things should be approached with a wide grip and a delicate touch. This is what we strive for in our work every day.
We hear your feelings, many times we sense them, even if you don’t say them out loud, and we try to find the right keys to opening and understanding things.

We Listen

We want to be easily approachable and genuinely present to you. There is no question you could not ask us. We believe in the power of understanding and mind-expanding. Our customers know themselves and we know our job. By combining these two, we achieve an understanding which makes things easier to approach.

It's not always easy, but often it is enlightening and soothing.This is especially important when preparing for childbirth or unpacking your own childbirth experience.

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For You

We are here for you, we are your best friend during pregnancy, honest and genuine as our own selves. We are not hiding behind titles, rather you will meet mothers and women, people, who happen to know thing or two about their field. And all that information is also available to you.
Welcome to meet us all

Midwife and founder of Perhe-Arte