Perhe-Arte Tampere

Our private maternity clinic offers ultrasound during pregnancy, follow-up counseling, childbirth coaching and additional support for different stages of pregnancy and always a warm reception in a comfortable environment.

Our midwives are professionals in their field, having accumulated their experience in professional work on the public side. As you live through one of the most significant stages of your life, we want to make our professional skills available to you without haste.

Come alone, with your spouse and/or friend. Ask any questions that come to mind, even those that feel weird. We are here just for you!

Our private maternity clinic serves you in Tampere at Pohjolankatu 25, 33500 Tampere.

Maternity Clinic Services



Synnytys jännittää jokaista naista raskauden aikana. Synnytyspelkoon on saatavilla keskusteluapua.

imetysklinikka artikkelikuva


Perhe-Arten imetysklinikka on matalan kynnyksen palvelu, joka on suunniteltu ennaltaehkäisemään, tunnistamaan ja ratkaisemaan pieniä imetyksen haasteita.


Maternity Clinic Monitoring

You can contact the maternity clinic on all matters related to pregnancy.


Early Pregnancy Ultrasound Scan

An ultrasound examination of early pregnancy shows, among other things, the duration of pregnancy and the due date.


Additional Ultrasound Examinations

Do you wish to assess your babys weight? Do you have any concerns about the progress of your pregnancy? You can come to us for an ultrasound for any reason.


Pregnancy 3D / 4D – Ultrasound Examination

3D / 4D ultrasound exams give you the first glimpse of the arrival of a new family member.


Prenatal Classes

The goal of antenatal preparation is to prepare and give you a sneak peek into your future childbirth by taking midwife-led antenatal classes.


Breastfeeding Counseling

The aim of breastfeeding guidance is to promote the well-being of the child, mother and the whole family. We will help you with a guided start.


TENS – Equipment Rental

The TENS is a small device used during labour, completely adjustable by the wearer and designed to help with coping with labour pain.


Postpartum discussion

Because childbirth modifies the mother’s self, femininity, and motherhood in such a significant way, we cannot stress enough the importance of postpartum visits.


Physiotherapeutic preparation for childbirth

In physiotherapeutic preparation for childbirth, the situation of the body during pregnancy is comprehensively mapped and the course of future childbirth is supported by means of physiotherapy.

imetysklinikka artikkelikuva

Kätilön vastaanotto

Jos kaipaatte tukea tai lisäseurantaa raskauteen, voitte varata ajan kätilön vastaanotolle.