Helsinki Price List

Our private health center serves you in Helsinki at Malmi, at Malminkaari 5.

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We provide support, assistance and reassurance during every stage of your family. We warmly welcome you to our child health clinic and health services.

Administrative Fees

Administrative fee17€
Billing surcharge for paper invoices4€

Midwifes Reception

30 min44€
40 min52€
60 min64€
90min (E.g. first visit to the clinic)88€
Home visit (1.5h)
starting additional hours 50 € / h
Blood samples: maternity screen (HIV, hepatitis B and cardiolipins)47€
Blood samples: SPR blood type during pregnancy and antibodies32€
Ultrasound examination during maternity clinic appointment30€
Early pregnancy ultrasound62€ + administrative fee
Additional ultrasound70€ + administrative fee
3D/4D ultrasound examination150€ + administrative fee
Uncanceled appointment35€

Antenatal Classes and Discussion

Antenatal class (2h)110€ + administrative fee
Antenatal classes (2 appointments, 4h)
190€ + administrative fee
Fear of childbirth discussion 90min82€ + administrative fee
Postpartum visit82€ + administrative fee

Maternity Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy first visit 60 min85€
Physiotherapy follow-up 45min75€
Physiotherapeutic postpartum examination 75min95€
Ultrasound examination during appointment15€


NIPT, narrow649€
NIPT, broad749€

Sexual Counseling

45 min70€
60 min80€

Breastfeeding Counseling

64€ + administrative fee
88€ + administrative fee

Equipment Rental

Elle-tens labor pain relief, 4 weeks44€
Elle-tens labor pain relief, extra weeks10€

Doula Services

Pain coping techniques for birth (2h)
Fear release (2h)130€
Birth Trauma release (2h)130€
Optimal fetal positioning advice (2 sessions x 1h)130€
Natural induction, (1h) includes: Acupressure, Rebozo, Aromatherapy, Pelvic Floor Release, EFT, Moxa, Polarity & Visualisations (recommended 2 sessions)130€
Belly Binding & Closing ceremony after birth at your home, (2-3 hrs)380€
Blessingway ceremony preparation150€
Blessingway ceremony facilitation per hour130€
Childbirth Preparation course (Birthing From Within ™)
Weekly, group class (demand dependent, 2h x 6weeks)500€
Weekly, private couple class (2h x 6 weeks)700€
Weekend intensive, group class (demand dependent, 12h)800€
Weekend intensive, private couple class (12h)1000€
Professional doula services
Basic doula package (interview, telephonic availability from deposit to birth, prenatal visits at home, labour and birth, 2 x postnatal visits at home with breastfeeding support)1600€
Prime doula package (basic doula package + BFW childbirth preparation classes and additional services)1900€
Stillbirth and bereavement doula services - contact us