Reflexology Baby Massage

Childbirth is a huge change and a tough experience for a baby, both physically and mentally.

Reflexology baby massage is a gentle and effective way to relieve the most common problems in infancy (e.g., sleep problems, colic, stomach problems, regurgitation, body tension). The massage combines the pleasant extracts of baby massage with the treatment of reflex areas familiar from reflexology (especially in the soles of the feet in babies). You can also come for a massage, even if your baby has no symptoms, as the treatment is often very relaxing for the baby.

Effects of reflexology baby massage:

  • relaxation
  • muscle tension is relieved
  • metabolism improves
  • breathing deepens and sleep quality improves
  • resistance improves
  • aches and pains ease
  • stress is reduced
  • the mood improves

Being born is a huge change and a tough experience for a baby, both physically and mentally. Pregnancy, childbirth, and passage through a narrow birth canal put intense pressure on the baby’s head and neck. Muscle tension in this area can be the cause of baby’s symptoms. The baby may also experience stress due to the change and experience it physically. Maternal stress can also affect the baby.

45 min is reserved for the treatment, but the treatment time itself is about 30 min. The visit proceeds on babys terms. During the first treatment, time is also spent interviewing the parent to find out possible symptoms and their backgrounds. For best treatment results, 3-5 treatments are recommended.

You can come to a reflexology baby massage when your baby is two weeks old. Baby’s fever, course of antibiotics, an inflammation, or a skin infection will prevent treatment. After vaccinations, it is a good idea to wait 3-5 days before the massage.

Baby massage is provided by Noora and Anni.

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