Pregnancy 3D / 4D - Ultrasound Examination

3d/4d ultrasound exams give you the first glimpse of the arrival of a new family member.

The 3D / 4D ultrasound examination, performed by midwife, gives you the opportunity to familiarise yourself, and strengthen the bond with your future family member. When they are awake, babies move in the womb and show their personality with expressions and movements. For the older siblings, a 3d/4d ultrasound is a wonderful way to show the arrival of a new baby in the family and to become acquainted with their smaller sibling even before they are born. 3d/4d ultrasounds by midwives are not an examination or diagnostic ultrasound by nature, but it is possible to carry out a weight assessment during the study.

The most suitable time for a 3d / 4d ultrasound is between weeks 22-28 of pregnancy. As the weeks pass, the image that is rendered is softer and more baby-like. Please note that in a structural 3d / 4d ultrasound examination performed by a physician, the appropriate gestational weeks are shorter than in a midwifery 3d / 4d examination supporting interaction and relationship formation. Whenever possible, both moving images (4d) and still images (3d) are recorded during the examination. It is also possible to try 5d ultrasound imaging in Helsinki.

It is not possible to obtain KELA compensation from the study.

The flash drive with your images is included in the price.

If the ultrasounds and videos can not be obtained during the first visit, another ultrasound can be performed if desired at a later date. The price of a redo ultrasound is 20€ (Lahti and Helsinki) and a new time will be booked for you.

The quality and quantity of images are always influenced by several factors such as fetal position, amniotic fluid volume, placental position, weeks of pregnancy and maternal abdominal thickness.

140€ + administrative fee
Twins 150€ + administrative fee

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