Maternal Physiotherapy: Rehabilitation of Abdominal Separation

Physiotherapy monitors both the narrowing of the abdominal muscle separation as well as the strengthening of the pelvic floor and organs. Rehabilitation is still possible even years after childbirth.

A single midline fibrous line, called Linea Alba, runs between the straight abdominal muscles. This seam stretches during pregnancy and the abdominal muscles may become separated. They begin to recover back into the optimum position during the weeks after delivery.

Sometimes, however, it does not return to place spontaneously. Therefore, in order to restore abdominal stability, rehabilitation is needed. The difference can appear as a ridge or pit in the abdomen, it can cause bloating, expose the body to dysfunction or lower back pain, and make it difficult for mid-body muscles to activate.

Physiotherapy monitors carefully the narrowing of the abdominal separation and the tightening of the linea alba. The separation can be rehabilitated even years after childbirth.

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