Child Health Clinic

A private children’s clinic will help support the family right from the birth of the baby.

Our private child health clinic assists families by promoting the physical, mental and social development of each child, as well as supporting parents in the safe upbringing and care of their child. When necessary, advice and guidance will also be given regarding everyday life and the relationships within the family.

Clinic visits may also, when necessary, include individual visits, such as weighing a newborn baby or breastfeeding counselling.

Our private childrens clinic is there to help the family from the very beginning when the baby is just born. At the clinic, a familiar nurse regularly monitors the development of growth.

During the baby’s first year, there are at least ten visits, and 1 year onwards once a year or more often if necessary. Vaccinations under the national vaccination programme are carried out in cooperation with the municipal clinic.

The child health clinic services include growth monitoring, milestone check-ups, breastfeeding and nutritional guidance, counselling and guidance as well as peer support.

67€ / hour

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