Breastfeeding Counseling

The purpose of breastfeeding counseling is to promote the well-being of the child, the mother and the whole family. We are here to help you get started.

There are a lot of external pressures associated with successful breastfeeding. Uncertainty, fears, or difficulties with breastfeeding are hard to say out loud. In the midst of today’s demands, unsuccessful breastfeeding is perceived as poor motherhood. Motherhood itself is such a great concept and succeeding in it completely increases the pressure on a woman significantly. The stages and growth pains associated with breastfeeding are completely human.

You as a mother and your baby are learning proper latching, breastfeeding interactions, interpretation of messages. In addition, breastfeeding changes as the baby grows and it has different stages. Pain thresholds, thoughts, uncertainties can come at any point during the curve of breastfeeding. We are here to help you through all these stages.

The midwives at Perhe-Arte are trained in breastfeeding counselling. We will help you in the form of home visits or you can come to the reception with your baby. If you were left wondering and would like to ask more, please contact our customer service.

60min / 64€ + administrative fee
90min / 82€ + administrative fee

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