Additional Ultrasound Examinations

Do you wish to assess your babys weight? Do you have any concerns about the progress of your pregnancy? You can come to us for an ultrasound for any reason.

Sometimes during pregnancy, there are times when you just want to make sure your baby is doing fine. You may not recognize the actual concrete reason why you feel insecure and for us at Perhe-Arte, that’s enough reason to come to our reception. Perhe-Arte midwives and doctors will take your personal situation into account and seek to alleviate your concerns and assist you in whatever way possible.

Your individual reasons for coming in for an additional ultrasound with a midwife or doctor may be for a fetal weight assessment or decreased movements of the baby. Sometimes the happiness and joy of pregnancy are so great that you cannot wait for the next time you can see your baby on the screen.

What about the gender of the baby? This too can be a cause for concern and excitement and we will help you through this discovery too. Even during late pregnancy, when delivery is approaching, you can come to us for advice and to check the babys position.

Our customer service staff will be sure to help you if you have any questions in mind or are not sure what kind of time would be right for you to come see us.

Please feel free to contact us, we are here for you.

62 € + administrative fee

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