Perhe-Arte is a private maternity clinic established in 2013 from a desire to truly carry out midwifery work. We walk alongside families as professionals and meet every family with warmth and love.

You can come to us as you are. With us you can ask any questions that preoccupy your mind. Perhe-Arte professionals are like your best friend; we are here for you whenever you need us. You can count on our expertise in all matters regarding pregnancy and parenting.

Dear customers!

Our customer service and appointment service will serve you from March 23rd. onward only by phone or online. This is to reduce possible contacts. Our office in Lahti is only open during midwives' and doctor's appointments.

💚 One can only come to the reception healthy.
💚 When one comes to the reception, one must wash hands.
💚 We also ask that one limits the number of people one brings to the reception. Currently, one healthy loved one can be brought to the reception.
💚 In current situtation, children should also be left at home during reception.
💚 We also recommend making an appointment either by phone or online.

We are located in Lahti and Helsinki

Our private health centers are located in 2nd floor of  Syke Shopping Center, Lahti and in Malmi, Helsinki.

We provide support, assistance and reassurance during every stage of your family. We warmly welcome you to our child health clinic and health services.


Familiarize yourself with the range of services in Lahti or book an appointment


Familiarize yourself with the range of services in Helsinki or book an appointment

NB! We have moved: our new address is Malminkaari 5, 00700 Helsinki

Perhe-Arte is a health centre for the whole family.

We are located in Lahti and Helsinki. In Lahti our services include maternity clinic and ultrasound, maternity physiotherapy, doctors services and laboratory services.

In Helsinki our main focus is maternity clinic services, ultrasounds and maternity physiotherapy.


Maternity Clinic

You can contact our maternity clinic in all matters related to pregnancy. Your family may choose to monitor your pregnancy in full cooperation with a Perhe-Arte midwife, or use our services to supplement the public health care services.


Maternity Physiotherapy

You can visit a maternity physiotherapist after childbirth, for example, when you want to know how you are recovering from your pregnancy and childbirth, if you suspect you are having abdominal separation or you are experiencing stomach bloating, muscle fatigue, pain in your back or you are having difficulties maintaining your posture.



At Perhe-Arte you can find gynaecologist and geriatric services. If necessary, we bring help to you: our range of services include house calls made by our doctors and nurses.