Rosalia Palazzo Pihlajasaari


Rosalia has been a doula for 15 years and has participated in more than 1,300 births during that time. She is also a mother to two teenagers. Rosalia has completed her doula education in both South Africa and in the USA. In addition, she has done pioneering work in the training of doulas in South Africa.

Rosalia currently works as a part-time doula, breastfeeding instructor and maternity coach. Maternity well-being and supporting of the family are important to her. Rosalia has a to recognize the feelings and needs of future parents. Rosalie has a strong intuition about the feelings and needs of future parents.

Rosalias skills include usage of Rebozo cloth, acupressure, natural onset of labour, EFT therapy (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Belly Binding and closing ceremony, Moxibustion treatment, OFP (Optimal Fetal Position) and much more. Rosalia uses a lot of traditional methods, from both East and West, which helps to find a psychological balance, and through this, also bring balance to pregnancy and childbirth.

Language skills: English, Italian, Finnish

Expertise and Skills

  • Professional Doula
  • Nurse
  • Birth support coach
  • Breastfeeding counselor
  • Promoter of active childbirth culture
  • Doula trainer

You can read more about Rosalia from her website here.