Noora Kautonen


Noora is a physiotherapist by training and is currently specializing in maternity physiotherapy. At home, two small children take care of the hustle and bustle.
As a physiotherapist, Noora is a gentle motivator who strives to take into account the total daily load of the client in physiotherapy. Every pregnancy and childbirth is unique and as a result, each rehabilitation path is also unique.

Pain conditions that occur during pregnancy, for example in the back and pelvis, can be treated with physiotherapy. You can also get help from a physiotherapist to relieve various muscle tensions and balance your body during pregnancy. You can also turn to a physiotherapist, if you have thoughts and questions about safe exercising during pregnancy.

After giving birth, you can benefit from physiotherapy if you want to ensure your own recovery. It is a good idea to check the condition of abdominal separation, and pelvic floor. C-section and episiotomy scars can also be treated with physiotherapy. If returning to exercise after giving birth troubles you, you may want to discuss it with your physiotherapist.

You can come to Noora's reception with or without a referral. You can also come to physiotherapy with your baby.

Expertise and Skills

– basic training in maternity physiotherapy
– basic training in abdominal separation
– basic training in pelvic floor physiotherapy

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