Maria Välimäki

Early Childhood Interaction Psychotherapist

Early childhood interaction psychotherapist ET (Valvira). Kela's service provider.

I graduated early childhood interaction psychotherapist in the spring of 2015. For my basic education I am a special needs teacher in early childhood education and care. I offer interaction therapy and interactional psychotherapy for expectant and families with infants and young children. Meetings usually take place once a week, either at the reception or at the familys home. At the center is the relationship between the baby and the parent and early parenting. You can come to my reception if you have any concerns about getting pregnant, pregnancy, childbirth or parenting.

These can be, for example:

  • fear of childbirth or traumatic childbirth experience
  • anxiety and depression during pregnancy or postpartum
  • miscarriage
  • loss of baby or unborn baby
  • I can also help in situations where parenting and living as an infant family is stressful.

    These can be, for example:

  • difficulty with your baby crying, and sleeping
  • eating troubles
  • serious illness or developmental problems in the baby
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