Katrin Pernica


I started in May 2021 as a midwife at Perhe-Arten's Helsinki office as a part-time worker. I recently graduated with a Master of Health Sciences and my main job is project researcher at the University of Turku. As a midwife, I have worked in delivery room, maternity ward and maternity clinic. I have done ultrasound examinations during pregnancy, helped expectant mothers, and provided guidance on issues related to gestational diabetes.

Preparing families for childbirth and parenting in particular are close to my heart. I enjoye working with clients from different cultures, which requires sensitivity, tact, and the ability to listen to their thoughts, desires, and starting points regarding pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting.

I have lived in Hamburg for almost 30 years and I am also happy to serve in German and English.

Expertise and Skills

  • Midwifery, Bachelor’s Degree
  • Master of Health Sciences
  • On-the-job trained ultrasound nurse
  • Fear of childbirth midwife
  • Diabetes Midwife
  • Language skills: Finnish, German, English
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