Anna Into


Anna is a nurse-midwife who started working at Perhe-Arte in the spring of 2020. Previously, Anna has worked as a midwife in Women's Hospital's delivery room and maternity ward. Prior to her career as a midwife, she served as a flight attendant for several years, but after the world had been criss-crossed a few times, a spark arose to work in the world of motherhood, families, babies, and childbirth.

You can come to Anna's reception for all kinds of pregnancy and childbirth matters. Anna thinks that preparing for childbirth is especially important and is happy to guide active ways to a smooth childbirth, taking into account the realities of the hospital world. Anna is an open, gentle and approachable humorist.

Outside of work, Anna is the mother of a 5-year-old girl and a big consumer of music.

Expertise and Skills

  • Midwifery, Bachelor’s Degree
  • Nurse
  • Promoter of soft and active childbirth culture
  • Breastfeeding instructor