Prenatal Classes in Small Groups

The goal of childbirth coaching is to prepare and give advice for future childbirth and postpartum period.

Perhe-Arte’s popular individual coaching has now also been adapted to a small group format. Our individual, couple-specific coaching can still be booked, but now you can also choose a small group-type, (max. 8 people) coaching that is slightly wider.

Childbirth can not be planned, but it’s really worth preparing for. By gathering a sufficient amount of knowledge and skills in your backpack, you can draw from during childbirth. Coaching offers a great package of information about giving birth, but also about preparing for it. During coaching, we go through the physiology of childbirth, preparation for childbirth, undergoing pain and pain relief, both unmedicated and with medication. And the spouse is promised concrete tips on how to help the mother during childbirth and be actively involved in the birth of their own child. The small group gices the opportunity to share thoughts with families in the same situation.

The coaching is carried out in a small group (max. 4 couples) in a training room where we are able to take into account social distancing. The price of the coaching is 150 € / pair.

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