Fear of Childbirth Discussion

During pregnancy, every woman is nervous about the upcoming labour. You can receive support by discussing your fears with a trained professional.

During pregnancy, every woman is nervous about the upcoming labour. Anxiety and fear are normal emotions as long as they are controlled. Fear is a natural protection mechanism and therefore a very normal feeling. However, when fear begins to overwhelm you or affect your everyday life, it is then referred to as intense fear of childbirth.

The most important thing is to get help and support to overcome the fear of childbirth. At Perhe-Arte, midwives are trained to work with you through the fear of childbirth. Self-processing and working through all your fears at your own pace is beneficial for a good delivery and infant bonding.

When should the fear of childbirth be discussed with the midwife? You can discuss your fears whenever you feel the need for it. You don’t have to be pregnant to come and discuss with a Perhe-Arte midwife. If the fear of the future is already prevalent before pregnancy, you can come to see a midwife even then. You can also talk about your fear of childbirth at any stage of your pregnancy.

The goal is a safe pregnancy that you can enjoy and get to know your baby during pregnancy without a distressing fear of a childbirth. Perhe-Arte midwives receive clients both in Helsinki and Lahti.

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