Early Pregnancy Ultrasound Scan

An ultrasound examination of early pregnancy shows, among other things, the duration of pregnancy and the due date.

A positive pregnancy test is a major event in your and your partners life. The test lines concretize the beginning of a new phase for you. In many cases, early pregnancy is also associated with a lot of uncertainty and fear.  You’re definitely wondering what’s normal. The midwives of Perhe-Arte will be happy to receive you and answer your questions with professionalism.

When is a good time to do an ultrasound scan of early pregnancy?

In a normal pregnancy a developing baby’s heartbeat can usually be detected around 6 weeks, 3 days. Your period is about two weeks late. An ultrasound examines what the pregnancy cavity looks like, how many embryos there are, and how far the pregnancy is. At the same time, the midwife ensures that all findings typical of early pregnancy are visible.

Early pregnancy ultrasound is performed vaginally and the examination is painless, but please inform the midwife if you are extremely nervous about the examination or if you have had a bad experience in the past. This way our midwives can better support you and take this into consideration when preparing you for the examination. The bladder does not need to be  full for this specific examination. You can visit the facilities near the waiting room if you feel the need.

More information about the first few weeks of pregnancy:

  • During weeks 4+, a small pearly cavity may appear in the uterus, but the embryo, heart rate, and sac are not yet visible
  • By weeks 5+, the pregnancy cavity is already slightly enlarged and fragile yolk sac may be visible.
  • At weeks 6 +, the pregnancy cavity is again slightly larger, the yolk sac becomes more prominent and the embryo is now visible. In the middle of the embryo you can see a small heart pounding fiercely.

You can visit us also in later weeks for this pregnancy ultrasound, usually until 12 weeks. Subsequent ultrasounds can be found under the name “other ultrasound examinations”.

If you have any questions regarding an appointment or a examination, you can call our customer service. From there, you will get answers to your questions and, if necessary, help in choosing the ultrasound time.

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